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Kaju Cookies, Jeera Butter Cookies, Bombay Maska Khari, Ajwain Khari, Pista Special Nan Khatai, Besan Nan Khatai and more.

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Taste That You Can Never Forget Resides In Our Variety of Bakery Items, Cookies, Fresh Indian Cookies, Butter Cookies, Khari & Nan Khatai!

An Introduction

Our 1971 initiated firm, Hot Millions Bakery Products, is touching sky high success in Indian market through its exceptional work in the field of bakery. We have earned popularity and recognition among the direct customers, distributors and other individuals by working under the guidance of the progressive Mr. Suryansh Jaiswal. As a manufacturer and retailer, we have been presenting freshness loaded bakery items that have addictive aroma and memorable taste. Our offered baked food items melt on the tongue and leave the individual in awe because they have such greatness and sweetness to them.

Team of Experts

For running a sustainable business in national markets on both online & offline platforms, we have the most reliable team of experts which includes:
  • Marketing professionals who stay active on field as well as on websites to provide the best deals to customers
  • Production experts who have years of experience in cooking and baking of snacks items

Quality Assurance Strategy

We, being a quality driven firm, make sure that all the items supplied by us including Besan Nan Khatai, Bombay Maska Khari, Pista Special Nan Khatai, Kaju Cookies and others are quality assured as per latest rules and regulations. We maintain a process checklist from the start to ensure that required standards are maintained.
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