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Fresh Cookies
Fresh cookies are the sweet delicacies in dry forms. These are often flavored with different tastes according to the wishes of customers. These cookies also contain some healthy compounds. These cookies are generally consumed at snacks time with a cup of sugar free tea. 
Fresh Khari
Fresh khari is a tasty Indian snack layered with different flavors according to the needs of the clients. These are basically consumed in the snacks time with a cup of tea and coffee. It is a perfect snack for kids. 
Nan Khatai
Nan khatai is a sweet snack bite, highly popular in Indian subcontinent. This snack often contains some fresh dry fruits or nuts for a crunchy addition in the soft layer of the delicacy. This is highly liked by people of all ages.
Fresh Rusk
Rusk is the kind of biscuit mainly consumed with the tea. The high crunchiness of the biscuit, when get mixed with the hot and sweet flavor of the tea, it tastes amazing. This tough biscuit is slightly sweet. 

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